David Rosenberg

When all the stimulus is gone and the Emperor is disrobed, it is not going to be a pretty picture.

David Rosenberg is the Chief Economist and Strategist at Gluskin Sheff + Associates Inc. and the former Chief North American Economist at Bank of America-Merrill Lynch. He was one of a handful of economists to correctly predict both the anemic pace of the economic recovery in North America and the recent reversal in stock valuations. His economic analysis is frequently featured in Barron’s, The Globe and Mail, The Wall Street Journal, and on CNBC and Bloomberg TV.

Rosenberg has been ranked first by economists in the Brendan Wood International Survey for Canada for the past seven years and has been on the U.S. Institutional Investor American All Star Team for the last four years. He ranked second overall in the 2008.

Mr. Rosenberg has been consistently bearish in recent years on the global economy and continues to be so. At the start of the recent rally in equity markets that has seen stocks climb by double digits on both sides of the border, Mr. Rosenberg published a note, predicting the S&P 500 could drop back to 600 and the current bear market wouldn't end until 2010.