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Give the gift of Munk Membership

Giftable Munk Memberships are available at two levels: Supporter and Curator. The benefits your gift recipient will receive are summarized below for each category of membership. When you have purchased your gift membership, we will send you an email with a customized gift card. You can send this card to your gift recipient, who will activate their complimentary membership using a customized code. We will email you separately a tax receipt for the amount of your gift membership purchase(s). Thank you in advance for your support of the Munk Debates through our gift membership program.  

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Once the order has been processed, you will recieve a separate email containing instructions for sending the gift membership to the recipient.

If you have any questions about purchasing a gift membership, please email [email protected]

To purchase a Munk Debates membership for yourself, click here.


$99 billed annually

  • Unlimited streaming of our 10 year + online library of debates and dialogues.
  • Three “supporter” memberships to share the art of great debate with friends and family.
  • Complimentary copy of a Munk Debate book publication of your choice.
  • 48-hour advanced ticketing privileges to purchase at all live Munk Debates events.
  • Canadian charitable tax receipt.


$300 billed annually

All the benefits of Munk Supporter membership plus…

  • Guaranteed seating for two at all our live events (cost of tickets extra).
  • Personalized thank you on an upcoming podcast, newsletter, or live event.
  • Opportunity to shape Munk Debates programming on an ongoing basis.
  • Canadian charitable tax receipt.

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