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Media Room

Fifteenth Semi-Annual Munk Debate Announced: Should the West Engage, Or Isolate, Russia?

Mar 3, 2015

Garry Kasparov, Vladimir Pozner, Anne Applebaum, and Stephen F. Cohen convene in Toronto, Canada, to debate the West’s relationship with Russia

Fourteenth Semi-Annual Munk Debate Announced: Obama’s Foreign Policy Emboldening our Enemies?

Sep 17, 2014

Bret Stephens and Robert K again will join Fareed Zakaria and Anne - Marie Slaughter to debate the motion: Be it resolved Obama’s foreign policy is emboldening our enemies and making the world a more dangerous place.

Thirteenth Semi-Annual Munk Debate Announced: Is State Surveillance a Legitimate Defence of our Freedom?

Mar 3, 2014

Alan Dershowitz and Alexis Ohanian will join Michael Hayden and Glenn Greenwald to debate the motion: Be it resolved state surveillance is a legitimate defence of our freedoms...

Twelfth Semi-Annual Munk Debate Announced

Sep 17, 2013

Hanna Rosin, Maureen Dowd, Caitlin Moran, and Camille Paglia convene in Toronto, Canada, to debate gender relations in the 21st century.

Nine in Ten Canadians Support Taxing the Rich “More”

May 30, 2013

Average Canadian Defines ‘Rich’ As $195,000 Annual Household Income

While Canadians have great respect and admiration for the success and innovation of the country’s ‘rich’, most believe they should be putting more into the national coffers, according to a new poll conducted by Ipsos Reid on behalf of The Munk Debates.