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Media Room

Eleventh Semi-Annual Munk Debate Announced

Apr 13, 2013

Newt Gingrich, George Papandreou, Arthur Laffer, and Robert Reich convene in Toronto, Canada, to debate the global response to economic inequality.

Debate convinces audience that the world can tolerate a nuclear Iran

Nov 26, 2012

Can the world tolerate an Iran with nuclear weapons? Respondents in the Toronto audience initially believed it could not, and this belief held following the debate.

Iran Debate Announcement Press Release

Oct 15, 2012

Charles Krauthammer, Fareed Zakaria, Vali Nasr and Amos Yadlin convene in Toronto, Canada to debate the global response to Iran's nuclear ambitions.

Most Surveyed Agree Debt Crisis Will Lead to Breakup of European Union

May 25, 2012

Most Surveyed in Six Countries—Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Greece and Spain—(51%) Agree Europe's Current Debt Crisis is Indicative of Long-Standing Problems that Will Lead to Breakup of European Union. An almost equal average majority (52%) of those surveyed agree that they "support programs and policies aimed at cutting government spending to reduce public debt, instead of stimulating economic growth by increasing government spending".

Eurozone nations want referendums on keeping the Euro

May 24, 2012

More than half (61%) of "decided" voters surveyed want referendums held on whether their country should to stay in the Euro zone. Two thirds (62%) of decided voters would vote to keep the Euro while four in ten (38%) would vote to leave it.

As fears reverberate through financial markets that Greece could leave the euro zone and throw the region—and the world—into economic turmoil, a new IPSOS poll commissioned by the Munk Debate on Europe of citizens in some of the most crucial countries engaged in the debate, debacle and damage control—Greece, Germany France, Italy and Spain—indicates that, on average, a majority (61%) with a decided view would support a national referendum in their country to decide whether they should keep the Euro as their currency and if there was such a referendum, an average of six in ten (62%) of decided citizens would vote to keep the currency.