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Media Room

Launch of the Seventh Semi-Annual Munk Debate

May 5, 2011

Former U.S. Secretary of State, Dr. Henry Kissinger, joins high powered group to debate key geopolitical issue of the coming century

The Aurea Foundation announced today the resolution and presenters for the seventh semiannual Munk Debate, to be held in Toronto on Friday June 17th.

To encourage public debate of the geopolitical issue of our time, the seventh semi-annual Munk Debate will table the motion: be it resolved, the 21st century will belong to China.

Launch of the Sixth Semi-Annual Munk Debate

Oct 12, 2010

To encourage a far-ranging discussion on one of humankind’s most vexing questions, the sixth semi-annual Munk Debate will tackle the resolution: be it resolved, religion is a force for good in the world.

Healthcare takes Centre Stage at the FIFTH Semi-Annual Munk Debate

May 3, 2010

To encourage a far-ranging discussion of one of the key policy questions facing Canadians, the future of their healthcare system, the debate will have as its resolution: be it resolved, I would rather get sick in the U.S. than Canada

2009 Climate Change Debate Vote Results

Dec 2, 2009

Just days before the United Nation’s historic Copenhagen summit the Munk Debates tackled one of the great public policy questions of our time: how should the world respond to climate change?

Munk Debates to Tackle Climate Change on the Eve of the U.N. Copenhagen Summit

Oct 15, 2009

Peter and Melanie Munk announced today the resolution and presenters for the fourth semi-annual Munk Debate to be held in Toronto on Tuesday, December 1st.

The fourth Munk Debate will explore the opportunities and hazards of the global response to climate change by debating the resolution: “Climate change is mankind's defining crisis, and demands a commensurate response.”