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Munk Podcast

We are the world’s first podcast dedicated to convening one-on-one debates between today’s biggest thinkers and sharpest minds. Our mission is to create space for civil and substantive debates on the big issues of the day - free of spin, focused on facts and animated by smart conversation. Join us each week for a fresh take on the complex, controversial and compelling debates of our time.

COVID-19 Restrictions

February 23, 2022

Jay Bhattacharya
Jeremy Faust
Academic Freedom

February 15, 2022

Heather Heying
Aaron Hanlon
Lisa Feldman Barrett Dialogue

February 8, 2022

Lisa Feldman Barrett
U.S. Civil War

February 1, 2022

David W. Blight
Akhil Reed Amar
Animal Rights

January 25, 2022

Peter Singer
Joel Salatin