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DEC 4, 2019


Our Autumn 2019 Munk Debate on Capitalism will take place on Wednesday, December 4 at Roy Thomson Hall in Toronto. Tickets for the event are now sold out. As with previous Munk Debates, you will be able to watch a free livestream of our December 4 event on our website.

To join the waitlist to be notified if any additional tickets become available, click here.

Our mission is to help the world rediscover the art of public debate by convening brightest thinkers of our time to weigh in on the big issues of the day. We have done this year in and year out since 2008 by staging biannual debates in Toronto, Canada with the support of the Aurea Foundation and our founders Peter (1927-2018) and Melanie Munk. Past debaters include Henry Kissinger, Stephen Fry, Paul Krugman, Fareed Zakaria, Tony Blair, Christopher Hitchens and Jordan Peterson, among dozens of other compelling thinkers and doers. 

In our divided times we believe that convening civil and substantive debates is a vital public service. Everyone should have the opportunity to hear both sides of an issue argued free of spin, focused on the facts, animated by smart conversation, and then make up their own mind about where they stand. This is why the Munk Debates is committed to tearing down the echo chambers that pass for public debate in our society. Through our podcast, social media, election debates and commentary we invite you to join us in promoting more and better public debate.