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Be it resolved the European experiment has failed...


May 25, 2012

In the sweep of human history, the European Union stands out as one of humankind's most ambitious endeavors. It encompasses half a billion people, twenty-seven member states, twenty-three languages and an economy valued at over $15 trillion. Modern Europe's stunning achievements aside, its sovereign debt crisis has shaken the world's largest political and economic union to its core. Can the federal institutions and shared values of Europeans meet the challenges of debt crisis that are as much political as economic? Or, are Europe's current woes indicative of a series of deep structural faults that will doom the European Union to breakup and failure?

To promote a far-ranging discussion of an issue of global significance, the Munk Debates convenes four influential Europeans to tackle the resolution: Be it resolved the European experiment has failed.

Debate Results

Pre-Debate Results

44% Pro 38% Con 18% Undecided

Post-Debate Results

45% Pro 55% Con

CON gains 17%. CON wins



Niall Ferguson

“For more than 10 years, it has been the case that Europe has conducted an experiment in the impossible.”

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Josef Joffe

“Europe has transcended a thousand years of war, but 27 nation-states will never grow into one.”

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Daniel Cohn-Bendit

“We need a true democratic process for the renewal of Europe, in which the European Parliament has to play a central role.”

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Peter Mandelson

“European leaders are getting there and they need to not lose any further time because the world is very impatient.”

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