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Taxing the Rich

Be it resolved tax the rich (more)...


May 30, 2013

How should advanced countries respond to growing income inequality? For some the answer is obvious: redistribute the wealth of the top income earners who have enjoyed, for almost a generation, the lion's share of all income gains. Imposing higher taxes on the wealthy is the best way for countries such as Canada to reinvest in their social safety nets, education, and infrastructure while protecting the middle class. Others argue that anemic economic growth, not income inequality, is the real problem facing advanced countries. In a globalized economy, raising taxes on society's wealth creators leads to capital flight, falling government revenues, and less money for the poor. These same voices contend that lowering taxes on everyone stimulates innovation and investment, fuelling future prosperity.

To advance the public policy debate of our time, the Munk Debates will move the motion: Be it resolved, tax the rich (more)…

Debate Results

Pre-Debate Results

58% Pro 28% Con 14% Undecided

Post-Debate Results

70% Pro 30% Con

PRO gains 12%. PRO wins



George Papandreou

“We have created an uber-class, a super-class, that is beyond democratic control of our nations.”

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Paul Krugman

“The simple analytics say that we should soak the rich, hard.”

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Newt Gingrich

“The effort to finance Big Government through higher taxes is a direct assault on civil society. ”

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Arthur B. Laffer

“If I could figure a way to stop future Congresses from ever raising taxes I'd do it every day of the week and twice on Sunday.”

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