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The West vs. Russia

Be it resolved the West should engage not isolate Russia…


April 10, 2015

How should the West deal with Putin’s Russia? For the U.S. and some European powers the answer is obvious: isolate Russia with punishing economic sanctions, remove it from global institutions such as the G8, and arm the nations directly threatened by Putin. In short, return to the Cold War doctrine that froze Soviet aggression in Europe and helped bring about the collapse of communist Russia. Others argue that such a policy is a dead-end. Putin’s Russia has legitimate grievances against Western and NATO powers meddling in its sphere of influence. Instead of further antagonizing Putin and risking a dangerous escalation of the current conflict, the U.S. and Europe should seek common cause with Russia to address shared threats, from the Middle East to Asia to combatting terrorism.

Debate Results

Pre-Debate Results

58% Pro 42% Con

Post-Debate Results

48% Pro 52% Con

Con wins with 10% vote gain.



Stephen F. Cohen

“Equating Putin with Adolf Hitler is another example of how our new cold warriors are recklessly damaging U.S. national security in vital areas where Putin’s cooperation is essential.””

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Vladimir Pozner

“For the average Russian, who is a very proud person with a sense of history and a belief that his is a great country, Putin has given him back his sense of pride - you cannot ignore us any more, the way you did when Yeltsin was in power and Russia was on its knees.”

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Anne Applebaum

“Russia is not a flawed Western power. Russia is an anti-Western power with a different, darker vision of global politics”

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Garry Kasparov

“A dictator grows into a monster when he is not confronted at an early stage… And unlike Adolf Hitler, Vladimir Putin has nuclear weapons”

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