The Rise of Populism Debate

November 2, 2018

Be it resolved, the future of western politics is populist not liberal…

Throughout the Western world, politics is undergoing a sea-change. Long-held notions of the role of government, trade and economic policy, foreign policy and immigration are being challenged by populist thinkers and movements. Does this surging populist agenda in Western nations signal a permanent shift in our politics? Or, is it passing phenomenon that will remain at the fringes of society and political power?

Will our politics continue to be shaped by the post-war consensus on trade, inclusive national identity and globalization, or by the agenda of insurgent populist politics, parties and leaders? Important Munk Debate correction: there was a technical error last night at the end of the debate.



The results from the 2nd audience vote from the start of the evening measuring if people were open to changing their minds was announced, instead of the final results. The final official audience vote on the resolution was 28% in favor – 72% opposed. Opinion in the hall was not swayed and such the debate is a draw. Our apologies for the confusion.