U.S. Election Debate

September 30, 2016

Be it resolved, Donald Trump can make America great again…

Will Donald J. Trump be America’s next president? For some, his brash, politically incorrect campaign is the panacea for the Washington and Wall Street elites that have saddled the country with endless wars, an anemic economy, and growing racial division. His boosters believe Trump will usher in a Reagan-like era of domestic prosperity at home, and free America from a destructive global web of counterproductive trade agreements and military entanglements abroad. Trump’s critics are having none of this.


They see not a president in waiting, but a dangerously unstable and inexperienced demagogue; one who threatens U.S. democracy and global peace and security. Rather than being a harbinger of the country’s renewal, Trump’s candidacy is supposedly destroying the social fabric of America by demonizing minorities, denigrating women and exacerbating racial differences.




14% 83%


20% 80%

Swing: 6% (Pro team win)