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December 9, 2020

Bari Weiss

Bari Weiss joined us on December 9 for a Munk Dialogue on the future of speech and open debate in contemporary society, and how we forge common understandings about the things that matter in time of extreme political and ideological polarization.

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The Guests

Bari Weiss

“Criticism is great. What cancel culture is about is not criticism. It is about punishment. It is about making a person radioactive.”

Bari Weiss

“Criticism is great. What cancel culture is about is not criticism. It is about punishment. It is about making a person radioactive.”

Bari Weiss is a Pittsburgh-born American journalist and a graduate of Columbia University. 

Weiss has worked as a senior editor at the magazine Tablet: A New Read on Jewish Life, and an op-ed and book review editor at The Wall Street Journal. From 2017 to 2020, Weiss was an opinion writer and editor at The New York Times, where she was hired as part of an effort to bring more diverse opinions to the paper’s pages. She resigned her position in July 2020 in an open letter in which she criticized the Times for its lack of support. 

Earlier this year, Weiss received the inaugural Per Ahlmark award in recognition of her defence of democracy and combating antisemitism. She also received the Reason Foundation’s 2018 Bastiat Prize, which honours writing that “best demonstrates the importance of freedom with originality, wit and eloquence.”  

In 2019, Weiss won the National Jewish Book Award and the Natan Notable Book Award for How to Fight Anti-Semitism. The same year, Vanity Fair called Weiss a “star opinion writer" and The Jerusalem Post named her the seventh most influential Jew in the world.

Reading List

Books by Bari Weiss

How to Fight Anti-Semitism

Bari Weiss' Recommended Reading List

The God That Failed
by Richard Crossman

Closing of the American Mind: How Higher Education Has Failed Democracy and Impoverished the Souls of Today's Students by Allan Bloom

The Captive Mind by Czeslaw Milosz

Self-portrait In Black And White: Unlearning Race​ by Thomas Chatterton Williams

Fear No Evil by Natan Sharansky