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February 23, 2022

Gad Saad

Gad Saad joined us on February 23 for an in-depth, members-only discussion on how lazy thinking and intellectual tribalism is killing common sense and rational debate.


As a Professor of Marketing at Concordia University, Gad Saad is a pioneer in using evolutionary psychology to understand  human behavior. His Munk Dialogue on the mental tools we can use to preserve free speech and critical thinking took place on February 23.

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The Guests

Gad Saad

Gad Saad

Dr. Gad Saad is Professor of Marketing at Concordia University (Montreal, Canada), and former holder of the Concordia University Research Chair in Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences and Darwinian Consumption (2008-2018). He has held Visiting Associate Professorships at Cornell University, Dartmouth College, and the University of California–Irvine.

Professor Saad has pioneered the use of evolutionary psychology in marketing and consumer behavior. His works include The Consuming Instinct: What Juicy Burgers, Ferraris, Pornography, and Gift Giving Reveal About Human Nature (translated into Korean and Turkish); The Evolutionary Bases of Consumption; Evolutionary Psychology in the Business Sciences, along with 75+ scientific papers, many at the intersection of evolutionary psychology and a broad range of disciplines including consumer behavior, marketing, advertising, psychology, medicine, and economics.

In addition to his scientific work, Dr. Saad is a leading public intellectual who often writes and speaks about idea pathogens that are destroying logic, science, reason, and common sense. His fourth book The Parasitic Mind: How Infectious Ideas Are Killing Common Sense was released in October 2020 with the paperback edition released in October 2021.

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