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December 2, 2020

Ian Morris

Ian Morris, archaeologist, historian, bestselling author and big thinker, joined us on December 2 for a Munk Dialogue on the past and future of human civilization, in an era of rapid social and technological change

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The Guests

Ian Morris

"The next 40 years will be the most important in human history."

Ian Morris

"The next 40 years will be the most important in human history."

Ian Morris is Jean and Rebecca Willard Professor of Classics and a Fellow of the Archaeology Center at Stanford University. He has published fourteen books, many of them focusing on the big patterns in world history and possible future trends, and he has directed archaeological excavations in Greece and Italy. His books have been translated into fifteen languages, and his 2010 work Why the West Rules—For Now won literary awards in the United States, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, and China as well as being named as a book of the year by the New York Times, The Economist, the Financial Times, Foreign Affairs, Newsweek, Nature, and the London Evening Standard. His latest work is called Geography is Destiny. Britain and the World: A 10,000-Year History