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Become a Supporter

$9.99 billed monthly $99 billed annually

  • Unlimited streaming of our 10 year + online library of debates and dialogues.
  • Three “supporter” memberships to share the art of great debate with friends and family.
  • Complimentary copy of a Munk Debate book publication of your choice.
  • 48-hour advanced ticketing privileges to purchase at all live Munk Debates events.
  • Canadian charitable tax receipt.

Thank you for considering a paid membership with the Munk Debates! 

Your support helps the tens of thousands of people who access our content every month learn what civil and substantive debate sounds like, free of spin and grounded in mutual respect.

Your digital pass to our 10 year + online library lets you access in HD video some of our very best debates from Tony Blair debating Chris Hitchens on religion to Henry Kissinger taking on Niall Ferguson on China to Stephen Fry and Jordan Peterson debating political correctness. 

As a Munk Supporter you also receive three additional “supporter” memberships, valid for three months, that you can pass on to friends and family so they can enjoy the art of great debate.

You also get forty-eight hour advanced ticketing privileges to all our live, in-person events, allowing you to book seats before the public. Please note, the cost of the tickets is extra.

And finally, if you are a Canadian resident, we can provide you with a charitable tax receipt for your membership donation. Again, your support directly funds more and better public debate.

Thank you for considering joining our community!

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