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Israel vs. Iran Debate

April 30, 2024

Israel vs. Iran Debate

Be it Resolved, Israel should take out Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Iran’s missile and drone barrage at Israel earlier this month was the most brazen attack the Islamic Republic has ever conducted against the Jewish state. While Israel did respond with a limited strike, some say Israel should go further and destroy all of Iran’s nuclear facilities. The Islamic Republic doesn’t have nuclear weapons, but it has the material and know-how to put some together in a matter of weeks.

But attacking Iran’s nuclear installations comes with enormous risks: It would likely result in significant military retaliation by the Iranian government – something that could lead to a wider regional war that could draw in Israel’s allies in the west.

Arguing in favour of the resolution is Gadi Taub. He’s an Israeli historian, author, political commentator, and co-host of the popular Tablet Magazine podcast, Israel Update.

Arguing against the resolution is Trita Parsi. He’s the executive vice-president of the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft.

Iran is not a normal state. It is a terror-sponsoring regime. And letting it have the bomb would be a peril to the world order.”
-Gadi Taub

It’s almost guaranteed that Iran will have a nuclear weapon if military strikes are taken.”
-Trita Parsi

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