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Munk Podcast

The Munk Debates’ public podcast feed is dedicated to hosting civil and substantive debates and dialogues on the big issues of the day - free of spin, focused on facts and animated by smart conversation. Tune in weekly for a fresh take on the complex, controversial and compelling issues of our time. Our private Friday Focus podcast, for donors and members only, provides a half-hour masterclass on current events with bestselling author and big thinker, Janice Stein, and Rudyard Griffiths, Chair of the Munk Debates.

Traditional Gender Role in Marriage

September 19, 2023

Suzanne Venker
Ellen Lamont
Munk Dialogue with David Brooks

September 12, 2023

David Brooks
Gen Z in the Workplace

September 5, 2023

Craig Sneesby
Jake Bjorseth

August 22, 2023

James Heartfield
Nigel Biggar
Munk Dialogue with Stephen Walt

August 17, 2023

Stephen Walt